Undergraduate research opportunities

I am happy to take on undergraduate research students!

Independent study / research project

If you are inspired by my research interests and want to do an independent study/research project with me, please do not hesitate and contact me. Note that my main research areas of partial differential equations and general relativity are notorious for the amount of background preparation required prior to original research. Depending on the coursework you have already completed here at MSU I will be quite frank with you assessing whether you are better off doing an independent study/reading project, or an actual research project.

In addition to independent study / research projects, I sometimes take students through the following opportunities.

Summer research assistant

Depending on my travel schedule and available funding, I may be able to support summer research assistants.

Summer REU

Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State hosts a summer REU program. I supervised a project for the 2020 edition, and anticipate participating in some of the future editions too.

Professorial assistant

The Honors College at MSU offers the Professorial Assistantship program. Participating students are selected freshmen and sophomores from the Honors College. I propose projects whenever I have something suitable.

Advanced-Track exchange

The math department offers an exchange program with several Chinese Universities. As part of the program Advanced Track students at MSU are teamed up with Chinese exchange students to conduct a research program on campus at MSU. I propose projects whenever I have something suitable.

Publishing as an Undergrad?

Suitable results from undergraduate research projects can often be published. Some respectable journals that publish (regularly) research performed by undergraduate students include:

More involved original works can of course appear in topical research journals.