Previous research students

This list does not include PhD students. You can find a list of my PhD students here.

Energy formulae for higher spin fields

  • Isidora Bailly-Hall (SURIEM REU, Summer 2021)
  • Zach Gauronski (SURIEM REU, Summer 2021)

Affine motion of fluid balls and geometry of SL(n) with the Hilbert-Schmidt metric

  • Audrey Rosevear (SURIEM REU, Summer 2020)
  • Sam Sottile (SURIEM REU, Summer 2020)

Characterization of charged black holes with cosmological constant

  • Manuel Catacora Rios (Independent study, Fall 2018--Summer 2020)

Analysis of student WeBWork performance data

  • Katrina Gensterblum (Professorial assistant, Spring 2018)

Universal Uniformly Continuous Spaces

  • Katrina Gensterblum (Professorial assistant, Fall 2016--Fall 2017)
  • Peikai Qi (Exchange Program, Fall 2017)

1+1 dimensional nonlinear waves: shock formation

  • Nicholas Heilman (MSU Advanced Track, Spring 2017)
  • Zach Maccullum (MSU Advanced Track, Spring 2017)
  • Zhixin Wang (Exchange Program, Fall 2017)