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Mathematical diversions, expository articles, and more

Since the COVID-19 crisis and the university moving to online instruction, I've spent too much time programming WeBWorK assignments. …

L. Craig Evans is a professor at UC Berkeley. For many students he is best known for his textbook on partial differential equations. I …

Let's start with something simple: Given a circle with radius $R$, draw a concentric circle with radius 1 larger. How much longer is …

When does a polynomial with real coefficients have only real roots? Here's one way to determine it.

Professional Experience


Assistant Professor

Michigan State University

2015 – Present East Lansing, MI, USA
Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department, responsibilities include mathematical research, teaching (both undergraduate and graduate), supervision and mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students.

Post-doc collaborateur scientifique

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

2011 – 2015 Lausanne, Suisse

Postdoctoral research associate

DPMMS, University of Cambridge

2009 – 2011 Cambridge, UK

PhD student

Princeton University

2005 – 2009 Princeton, NJ, USA
Dissertation Advisor: Sergiu Klainerman
Dissertation: On the uniqueness of Kerr-Newman black holes
Supported through an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Grants, Awards, &c

Simons Collaboration Grant (PI)

Project title: Geometric analysis of the long time behavior of evolution equations
Funding amount: $42,000

MathWorks Academic Support Grant (PI)

Project title: Enhancement of calculus instruction through LiveScript Laboratories: design, deployment, and assessment
Funding amount: $40,583

Group Members

Grad Students (current)


Leonardo Abbrescia

PhD Student 2015--present


Shih-Fang Yeh

PhD Student 2018--present