Diversity matters

As an Asian straight male in academia, I have privilege. The acknowledgement of privilege does not diminishes one's accomplishments, but it recognizes the historical and social forces that buoyed one's success. This attribution is no different from admitting, in the course of our intellectual pursuit, that we reach new heights standing on the shoulder of giants. And I think it is only ethically right be open about the circumstances that enabled one's achievements, and to understand and to ameliorate the adversarial environments that prevented the same for others.

Being an ally means, first and foremost, being supportive of others. It also means using your position of privilege to help level the playing field. If you are mathematician, consider amplifying and supporting: the Association for Women in Mathematics, the National Association of Mathematicians, the Math Alliance, and Spectra.

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Undergrad Research / Reading Courses. If you are an undergraduate student at Michigan State University looking for research experience, please take a look at my info page on this subject.

Prospective PhD Students. Please take a look at this page.

Current PhD Students. If you are considering working with me, I have some basic information put up.

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Professional Experience


Assistant Professor

Michigan State University

2015 – Present East Lansing, MI, USA
Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department, responsibilities include mathematical research, teaching (both undergraduate and graduate), supervision and mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students.

Post-doc collaborateur scientifique

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

2011 – 2015 Lausanne, Suisse

Postdoctoral research associate

DPMMS, University of Cambridge

2009 – 2011 Cambridge, UK

PhD student

Princeton University

2005 – 2009 Princeton, NJ, USA
Dissertation Advisor: Sergiu Klainerman
Dissertation: On the uniqueness of Kerr-Newman black holes
Supported through an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Grants, Awards, &c

All University Teacher-Scholar Award

Simons Collaboration Grant (PI)

Project title: Geometric analysis of the long time behavior of evolution equations
Funding amount: $42,000

MathWorks Academic Support Grant (PI)

Project title: Enhancement of calculus instruction through LiveScript Laboratories: design, deployment, and assessment
Funding amount: $40,583

Group Members

Grad Students (current)


Shih-Fang Yeh

PhD Student 2018--present

Grad Students (alumni)


Leonardo Abbrescia

PhD Student 2015--2020