Posts with heavy emphasis on general physics concepts. (To avoid polluting this tag too much: posts more closely tied to specific physics concepts (such as "general relativity" or "schrödinger's equation") will be tagged with only the specific concept and not this tag.)

I try to reformulate an idea of Capoferri and Vassiliev in the infinitesimal limit and see where it goes.

This post is about the formulation of the dynamics of a rigid body, under rotations, as dynamics on a Lie group. I'm writing this to …

A quick introduction of Newton-Cartan theory, which is a sort of Newtonian limit of general relativity from a geometric point of view.

A quick summary of the traceless version of general relativity.

Numpy simulation of how classical and quantum particles interact with potential barriers.

Life is boring in low dimensions.

Recently I've been reading a bit of fluid dynamics, and came across the classical problem of free and forced vortices. In this post I …

Paper announcement and exposition.