Other Utilities

Random collection of others tools I've developed for research, teaching, or just for fun.



A typewriter-style, bare-bones MathJax previewer that supports a limited number of text formatting options, with very generous output space and large fonts, and few distracting elements. Intended to be used for teaching (either in person for large lecture halls, via projectors; or via Zoom via screen share), or as a quick scratch board for mathematical discussions and brainstorming. Source code available on Gitlab.

Gboard Math Dictionary

Zip Download

Dictionary file for Gboard (the default Android virtual keyboard by Google) to help input mathematical symbols. To use:

  1. Download the zip file; do not decompress.
  2. Upload zip file to your Google Drive.
  3. On your Android device, open up the settings for Gboard, go to "Dictionary", select "Personal Dictionary", select a language, click on the vertical 3 dots symbol, and select "import".
  4. Navigate to the zip file and select.

Notes: Most symbols use their standard LaTeX names, except the slash \ is replaced by qq, to save time from navigating to the symbols menu. So the code for the symbol ð is qqeth (normally it would be \eth). The exception are the Greek letters; they are stored as alpha, beta, vartheta and so on, without the qq- prefix. I didn't have time to type in all LaTeX symbols; just the one I find useful myself. Hence several of the symbols use my personal macro names, instead of standard names (e.g. qqReal, qqComplex, qqSphere etc.). To save time paired delimiters are also defined (qqnorm, qqbraket, etc.). Once the file is loaded please browse through it to edit as you please.