Mathematical Diversions

A collection of mathematical miscellany that diverts me from my main research interests. Some of the posts are interesting (to me) mathematical problems with their solutions. Others are mostly recreational things that distracted me at one time or another. The intended audience for posts in this category are my sole self, and so I make no great effort to polish the writing. Do send me an email with questions if you find anything here interesting or confusing.


This is a collection some of the expository notes that I have written, they range in topic, some closer to my research and some farther away. As opposed to posts in "Mathematical Diversions", posts here are intended to be read by other people. I welcome comments and corrections.

Notes from Talks

Here be some notes I have taken from various talks and conferences that I attended, of whose content I feel useful to have a written copy easily available.


Posts about my main research activities. These include expositions on my papers, surveys of research topics, as well as publication announcements.